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The Grouse Grind is a Vancouver Jewel! It is a very hard and beautiful hike that I recommend to everyone, especially for a nice heart rate workout. How does the Grouse Grind help my dancing?

Here are 3 ways that you need to have as you are climbing the grind and as you are learning to dance.

1. Get Started. A lot of people talk about wanting to dance or learning a new skill, or doing the grind but rarely ever do it because they don’t get started by setting a time, scheduling it in and showing up. Showing up is half the battle! Sign up for a class. Go to the dance club, or go to watch a class. Just get yourself there.

2. Take it Step by Step. You really do learn this with the Grind specially if you do this regularly. It is all about continuing your pace and taking each step full heartedly and before you know it you are at the top. So taking it step by step with your dancing, will lead you to success. Take a class, practice your basics at home and keep at it, at your own pace is the best way to do and learn any new skill.

3. Celebrate and Raise The Bar! Many of us are driven by the pleasures of life and if we don’t take the time to reward ourselves, do we ever really get motivated to do things in the first place. The Grind really rewards one’s efforts with the beautiful views and the wild life, but once I have finished I set the next goal with it, better timing or finding the most beautiful spot for a short meditation. With your dancing you want to periodically treat yourself to a dancing reward. You are among the few that take your wellness and lifestyle seriously and learning to dance deserves celebration. Then Raise the bar and set a new goal for your dancing i.e. “I am going to dance with 3 new people tonight” ” I am going to try that butt roll tonight!”. ” I will practice my tango sacada with 3 people tonight”

What we all are really after is progress. So set up your mini step by step goals, do them, and reward your self!

Written by Nina Perez director of Baila Vancouver Dance School. Expert Dance Instructor in Argentine Tango, Salsa, and all the latin social dances. For more information


{January 9, 2010}   Blog987 Great for VanCity!

Just found out about this new blog and am really excited about it. This is a collaboration blog where people will be talking about ” Living in Vancouver”. What’s happening in town and with the olympics coming it will get really exciting.

check it out

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