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Greg and Nina

Intuitively we know that watching others exercise, dance, do anything we want to do usually inspires us into action…I came across an article that highlights studies that show how it does affect our bodies as well. (See full Huffington Post article Here)

Here are 3 suggestions of how you can take advantage of this knowledge and how we can help you with each idea…

1. Watch videos of amazing dancers … on our facebook profile we are always posting videos of great performances. Become our friend! (

2. Watch videos of classes you have learned …once you become our student we invite you to our private facebook group and post our class videos for your improvement. Come learn from us! (click here for more info)
3. Go dancing and watch your favorite dancers…stay in touch with us to here about what is happening around town (

Looking forward to seeing your improvement!

Written by Nina Perez director of Baila Vancouver Dance School. Expert Dance Instructor in Argentine Tango, Salsa, and all the latin social dances. For more information

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