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{January 27, 2010}   How the Dalai Lama’s insights apply to your dancing!


I had the pleasure to hear The Dalai Lama  in the Peace Summit in Vancouver.

As dancing is my life I always like to see if I can apply what I am learning in any area to my dancing or teaching. So I can help my students learn faster, have ease of movement and dance with more enjoyment.

The Dalai Lama said many wonderful things that if applied would make our world a better place but one comment stood out in my mind and I believe can be very helpful to dancing and our Salsa Community. (paraphrasing) He said:

” Treat others as a part of you”

So I would reccommend you apply his beautiful advise every time you are dancing and …

1.Treat your partner as an extension of yourself.

2.Treat the couples beside you as an extension of yourself.

3.Treat the people standing around who haven’t been asked to dance lately as an extension of yourself.

If we all did this we would have…

1. Better Leaders and Follows

2. Less Collisions on the dance floor

3. More people dancing, less people standing!

No matter what the level of your partner, it is always more enjoyable when dancing with someone who puts you above the dance moves and makes sure that having a good time is a priority :>


David Quigg says:

Hi Nina,
You volunteered you time at our Salsa for Change fundraisers a few years back and reading your posts has reminded me of that time. Thanks again for being so generous with your time and spirit.
Thanks also for the reminder about treating others as an extension of ourselves. That’s a big one.
All the very best!

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