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When we are learning how to dance there are a lot of thoughts and feelings going through our minds and bodies and it is often missed why we are doing it in the first place. Most people when asked WHY say : For FUN! !

Many of us forget to make sure we are both having fun because we are too concentrated or engulfed in perfection.

The quickest way in my opinion is to SMILE. Not only when asking your partner to dance but specially DURING THE WHOLE DANCE . Often when people start concentrating they are serious and do not have a friendly smile and a lot of the times their dance partner starts thinking that they are not doing a good job.

A simple smile will help in at least these three areas instantly and help you build a dance connection that you will consistently start feeling in every dance.

Benefits of smiling during the whole song:

1. You partner will start feeling at ease with you and start relaxing and enjoying the music, the connection and specially your energy.

2. After 12 seconds of smiling your body starts releasing endorphins that make your body be in a relaxed “feel good” state improving body coordination.

3. Smiling is very uplifting, attractive and contagious. You will have people waiting and wanting to dance with you.

So how do you go about implementing this technique of well being and good dancing ettiquette? PRACTICE. Become aware of your facial expression while dancing and then make a conscious effort to change in that moment


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